Odu'a Telecoms

National Internet Service Provider
National Dedicated broadband service provider
Regional Mobile data service provider
Regional Mobile voice service provider
Regional Fixed wireless voice service provider

About O'NET

Incorporated in 2002 as Odu’a Telecoms Limited (ODU’ATEL) is now branded as O’NET. Licensed for fixed wireless Operation on 3.5Ghz and 800Mhz frequencies deploying CDMA Fixed and Mobile Telephony and Internet as well as Broadband Internet for corporate organizations, Institutions and Research Institutes and Virtual Private Network Services for Banks and other Network organizations in all five South Western States of Nigeria and beyond.

Concave Communications Network (CCN) has been the technical manager with sole responsibility for technical operations

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Contact Us

Contact Address: Eleyele Road, Ibadan,
Oyo State, Nigeria
Telephone: +234(0)2-2015522, +234(0)2-2005748
Fax: +234(0)2-2313936
Email: info@oduatelecoms.com
Website: www.oduatelecoms.com