Enterprise Services

We currently provide Internet Connections Services to large business enterprises, and tertiary institutions. Usually this can be bundled with hybrid power solutions for a best internet experience.


Our fast and affordable internet services are available for both home and business users. O’Net offers truly dedicated and fully-duplex broadband services. This features;

>Installed capacity in scalable multiples of STM-1 or 155 Mbps. >Multiple sources to ensure and close to 100% availability...
>Centralised management using robust end efficient bandwidth manager.

Be at liberty to explore our high-performance and reliable internet solutions for your business. This will take your business off the anxiety edge of slow network provision and fix it in the rightful place in terms of performance.

Optimized for Internet of Things (IoT) and Multimedia Entertainment.

Unlimited, No Data Limit, No hidden Charges, No Throttling

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