Infrastructure Sharing Service

We offer infrastructure-sharing services for the purpose of reducing the capital and operational expenditures of other telecom service providers. Our ISS include but is not limited to the following;
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  • Antennas Space Sharing
  • Sectors on our tower
  • Plinths Space Sharing
  • Space Sharing for Elements of core network
  • Entire base station Space Sharing
We have base stations across the South-Western states in Nigeria. This enhances the opportunity for us to offer infrastructure-sharing services to other telecom operators and telco companies in the country.
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Leased Line / MPLS

Our leased lines offer a dedicated communication channel that easily interconnects two or more sites and serves as a service contract between a provider and a customer.

Leased Line

This dedicated line ensures continuous data flow from one point to another for a fixed monthly rate and supports services such as: Inter-branching, VoIP, Email Exchange, File Transfer, Secure Transactions, Video Surveillance and Remote Management.